Monday, December 24, 2007


Love to my family in Alaska, England and Vermont and all alone the way, as i have traveled over the last 3 months and i hope everyone has a great christmas and happy new year. I will be thinking of you all and sending love and light and thanks for all your kindnesses and acceptance.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

opportunity in Needles California

My whole trip has been full of wonderful opportunities to practice my philosophies and I think this proves to be the biggest one yet. How to keep a positive attitude and know unequivacally that everything is going to be ok. Sometimes one's faith is sorely questioned and that's the position I find myself in and have been for the last week - I was given a ticket from Oakland - Kona so 2 days before my flight my engine blows up on the busy, busy I 40, at 9.00am in the middle of nowhere. After a tow to Needles, California and the 'J' Street Gas and RepairI find myself in the expert hands of Randy and Steve with support from Rebecca, Scott and others who work here and although I did not have the money to fix it in any way shape or form, and regardless they started work on it immediately. I am eventually able to borrow it - what a miracle is that - and that's a story in itself. A couple of people gave me money - more miracles and so I was able to stay at the Motel 6 within walking distance of the station and with food bank and the absorption of the many extras by the owners [I hope the guys are not carrying any of this] I am going to drive into the next part of my adventure with confidence and power. Blessings, please, to every one who is helping make this be a wonderful and magical experience - because it has to be just that, even though at times it is hard [good job I have some groundwork already done eh?]. I have been here a week and I think we're all ready for me to be gone but the van [Bertha] is not - very close and hopefully I'll be on my way by the morning - Sunday December9th. This is turning out to be a bigger job than they had thought. Steve is determined to "do it right" and so when I do leave from here I will have a powerhouse to drive. This has been interesting as all of us are having our patience tried - I guess actually I would expect no less and find myself reiterating that "it will all be ok"; "only right action is taking place in my life"; "I am right where I need to be"; and whatever other phrases that work to keep me stressless and at ease. What lessons - and I think of Verna Lee. And Gary thank you - no stress

Monday, November 5, 2007

Resting in Wyoming

Well, here I am in Green River, Wyoming, headed south today, probably to Arizona. It has been suggested I check out Quartsite, so if it's warm.........and I saw Castle Hot Springs on the map - maybe it's not too commercialized. At present I am taking time out and staying with my friends Candace and Kenny. Berni was here for a couple of days before heading back to Alaska so we got to visit which was very nice. The last time I saw them all was in May 2004 when John and I came back to Alaska from Hawaii - lot of catching up to do.
I reorganised Bertha [the van] and with many wonderful gifts and memories from my friends, I'm ready to head south.
Now I'm 'in the world' I'm thinking I'll be able to access this more often and start telling some of my amazing adventures [I've had a few - and try to make sense of them?? - I'm sure all things become clear in time] and posting pictures - I certainly have taken a lot and met many very cool and kind people.

Friday, September 14, 2007

new van

great news - new van - blue and silver, FEH 725. It's lovely and lots of room for me and stuff!

Preparations for outside adventure underway!

Projected departure date: September 21, (fall equinox, when all things are equal all over the world) 2007.

Friday, August 31, 2007


mesembryanthemum (livingstone daisy, iceplant)

this plant came from fishtaxi in valdez.